Club background

Torpedo Swimming Club was founded in 1983 and is a member of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Zwembond (KNZB). Torpedo is based in De Lieberg swimming pool in Hilversum, and focuses on competitive swimming. The club has 100 members, of which about 57 swim in competitions.

Torpedo swims in the 3rd league Region Midwest. After 1983, in the year Torpedo was founded, it quickly climbed to the B-competition, until its highest achievement now. We are striving to achieve a higher result and league in the coming years. We will need all the help of swimmers, parents, trainers and the board to achieve this.

Although the swimmers are central in our club, parents are crucial, as well, in running the club. For example, as a jury member or other tasks during a competition, competition secretary, organising activities etc.

Torpedo organises yearly events, such as the swim camp, Pentecost tournament, New Year’s dive and the year end with a BBQ. We also participate in charities such as ‘ALS’ and ‘Spieren voor Spieren’. During the summertime swimmers who want to, can participate in swimming in open water.

Everybody who has swimming diploma A and B (or equivalent international diploma) can join us. Want to try? Join here for a trial period of 4 training sessions.