Membership fees

Membership fees ZV Torpedo 2024

The membership fees are determined annually at the General Members Meeting. The fee is set at 350 EURO / year (2024). The collection is automatic and done quarterly. The following rules apply regarding contribution and collection of contributions:

  • The membership period runs from January to December
  • Contribution collection is preferably done by direct debit, unless stated otherwise when registering
  • If it is not possible to train for a long time, it is possible to pause the contribution payment, with a maximum of 1 year. Minimum costs (KNZB registration fees) remain due
  • The fixed costs (including KNZB registration costs) will be included in the first quarter to be settled. Membership registrations in the last month of a quarter will be moved to the new quarter
  • You can cancel your membership per quarter, but minimum subscription payment is 2 quarters
  • To avoid being excused for the new year's contribution, cancel before December 1 of the current year

If you have any questions about this, please contact the treasurer (