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Where and when is the training?

Did you know that we train four times a week at the cozy De Lieberg swimming pool, located at Jan van der Heijdenstraat 170 in Hilversum? With us, you'll find a team of enthusiastic volunteer trainers who will take your swimming talent to new heights. Whether you want to train twice a week for fun or four times a week to pursue your Olympic ambitions, you're in the right place!

What equipment do I need?

Before you dive into the water, don't forget to bring your special gear: a top-notch swimming goggle (Speedo is the way to go!), a kickboard for extra buoyancy, flippers for powerful push-offs, a pull buoy to improve your buoyancy and train your arms, and don't forget the paddles (only for the pros, of course, in consultation with the trainer).

No worries if you forget something, you can easily order everything online, for example at or

A good preparation

Please be present 10 minutes before the start of the training to allow everyone to start smoothly. Respect for your fellow swimmers and trainers is key! Be on time, or you might miss the best part of the training. Swimmers who are late may be refused participation in the training.

Before we start, a few important points: go to the toilet if needed, shower before the training, warm up with a few laps, and don't forget to put on your swimming cap and goggles. That way, we're all ready to go!

No worries if you can't make it to a training session, you don't need to notify us. If you'll be absent for an extended period, please let our membership administration know. In case of illness or other reasons, you can temporarily pause your membership.

During the training: the fastest swimmer leads the group, start at least 5 seconds apart, toilet visits are okay but only after a set, and if you feel pain, stop swimming, leave the pool, and inform the trainer.

We divide our training into different groups:

Group 1: Beginners Focus on the basic principles of competitive swimming. Beginners train twice a week, on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Group 2: Intermediate Development of the correct swimming techniques with fun as a priority. Swimmers in group 2 are expected to attend an extra training session on Tuesday or Friday afternoons.

Groups 3-5: Advanced Here the emphasis is on further improving technique and swimming longer distances. Training sessions vary from 3 to 4 times a week, with sessions on Tuesday and Friday being particularly popular.

Are you ready to shine in the water? Join our group 1, 2, or 3-5 and discover the joy of competitive swimming!

Suitable for everyone, at every level

ZV Torpedo

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