ZV Torpedo trains 5 times a week, in “De Lieberg”, located on Jan van der Heijdenstraat 170 in Hilversum.

Swimmers train two to four times a week, depending on age, talent and ambition. A team of (volunteer) trainers coach the swimmers.

Want to know which group you train in?

Group 1: Beginners

In the beginners group, the focus is on the basics of swimming. A good swimming technique is important to competitive swimming. The basics of swimming is streamlining and a stable floating technique. Part of the training is also joining a team and team spirit, even though swimming is a very individual sport.

Swimmers almost ready to join group 2, will participate in competitions.

Beginners have two trainings a week on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Group 2: Middle

From group 2, the proper swimming technique, is a bigger part of the training. This is done in a playful way, as having fun in swimming is essential.

Swimmers in group 2, train three times a week and are expected to join one extra training, on Tuesday or Friday.

Groups 3-5: Advanced

As swimmers grow and become stronger they can advance to higher groups. In these groups focus is on swimming technique, speed and distance.

The more advanced groups train 3 to 4 times a week, with Tuesday and Friday sessions being the most popular.