Our full team of trainers:

  • Frank Leusink (Saturday morning)
  • Jack van Leeuwen (Tuesday late training, Friday, and Saturday morning
  • Marjolein Scholten (Tuesday early training, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning)
  • Andy Astfalck (Wednesday)
  • Bert Meier (Saturday morning)
  • Wendy Bradford-Harris (Tuesday early training and Wednesday)
  • Sophie Viguier (Wednesday and Saturday morning)
  • Peter Maas (Saturday)
  • Claudia Steiner (Friday)
  • Miriam Hayes (Friday)

Vacancies: extra trainers are always welcome! Interested? Experience is not essential, enthusiasm is! Send a message to Jack van Leeuwen via

If you have a question you can send a message to

The club’s trainers offer their time unselfishly on voluntary basis, and we are indebted to them for the valuable contribution they make to the club.