Competitioncalender 2019-2020 available

In the calender the dates can be found. Please register these dates! The KNZB has made some changes to the competitions. We will inform you about this later on the site.

ALV 202107-Sep-2021

New Date! - Invitation General Members Meeting 2021 

Dear swimmers, volunteers and parents,

We would like to invite you to the General Members Meeting (dutch: Algemene Leden Vergadering (ALV)) 2021, Saturday 18th of September after the morning training. We urge you to be present during this meeting as our club is facing many challenges at this moment.

Exact time, agenda and location will follow soon.

Namens het bestuur,

Pascal Veltman

Secretartis ZV Torpedo

Start Regular training23-Aug-2021

Dear Swimmers

As the holiday has ended we will start regular training as of Tuesday 24th of August. As usual it's a complex puzzle to find the trainers with the available training hours, but for now we can start with the times as described below.

With exception of a small change on Saturday, the training hours are exactly the same as last season:


  • Tuesday: 18:00 - 19:00 (competition pool)
  • Wednesday: 17:30 - 18:30 (instruction & competition pool)
  • Friday: 17:30 - 18:30 (competition pool)
  • Saturday: 8:00 - 9:00 (instruction & competition pool)

Have Fun!

Training during holiday04-Jul-2021

Training during the summer holidays

Dear All,

Saturday 10th of July is the last training according to the normal schedule.
After Saturday the 10th there will only be training sessions in the competition pool on Wednesday and Saturday during the summer holidays. These trainings are accessible for all swimmers.

Wednesday: 17:30 - 18:30
Saturday: 08:00 - 09:00

From Monday 23rd of August, the training sessions will resume according to the normal schedule. Consultations are still going on between Optisport, Torpedo and the Robben, regarding the training times and days in the new season. We don't have a decision on this yet.

Have a nice holiday! 

We can go again18-May-2021

From Wednesday May 19th 2021, training will resume for all swimmers!

Registration and health check takes place at the entrance of the swimming pool. A maximum of 30 swimmers may be admitted per bath. The youth up to the age of 17 can train together.

Adults from 18 years old can be classified a maximum of 2 swimmers per lane. They receive the training on paper and have to swim it independently.

So it can happen that you get to the pool and the training is full. On Wednesdays and Saturdays we have 2 baths and the maximum number of swimmers is 60.

The following rules apply to all members:

  1. Face mask mandatory from the age of 13 in the swimming pool (hall, dressing room and in the swimming pool, NOT during training)
  2. You already have the swimwear on under your regular clothes. The dressing room is open. All clothing must be put in a sports bag and taken upstairs.
  3. Everyone is 1.5 meters away!!
  4. Wash your hands at the entrance to the pool.
  5. Follow all instructions from the trainers, volunteers, pool staff.
  6. Arrive on time, up to 15 minutes before training.
  7. If the training has started, you will unfortunately no longer be allowed this because of overview.

The full protocol is posted on our website here.

We wish you a lot of swimming fun!

Corona update December 202015-Dec-2020

Dear all,

Due to the enhanced regulations to prevent the spread of the corona virus in The Netherlands, the pool De Lieberg has been closed. This means that all swim trainings will be cancelled.

In January, after the 19th, we hope to see you all back in the pool!

Namens het bestuur,


Brevetswim 2019 - 2020 #121-Nov-2020


Dear parents, carers and swimmers,

The swimmers are expected on Saturday morning at 07:30 in swimwear on the waterfront.
At 07:30 they have 15 minutes to swim in.
At 07:45 we start the Brevet swimming and are ready at 09:00.
Bring an extra towel or bathrobe because you have to wait in between.
You can also bring food and drinks.
If you have not registered, you do not have to come, there is no regular training.
And unfortunately we are still not allowed to receive spectators due to corona.

Until Saturday morning.

Paid Parking03-Nov-2020

Dear swimmers and parents,

Paid parking at the swimming pool has become from 1 November 2020.

The costs for this are € 1.60 per hour and a day ticket costs

€ 7.80.

Paid parking applies from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Do you take this into account if you come to the pool by car?

This prevents a fine.

Swimming license and Club championships 202022-Oct-2020

Dear swimmers,

Because there will be no more competitions this year, we will swim for brevet on Saturday 21 November and this year we will hold Club Championships for the first time.

The Club Championships will be held on Sunday afternoon December 13 from 14:00.

Both events are open to all swimming members, you do not need a starting permit.

So keep both dates free in your diary.

For the Club Championships we have medals and cups for the winners.

The registration forms will be online as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

The trainer's staff

Wedstrijdagenda 2020-202130-Aug-2020

De wedstrijdagenda voor 2020-2021 is bekend. Wedstrijden worden gezwommen in mooie wedstrijdbaden met diverse verenigingen. Uiteraard is de agenda onder voorberhoud van de coronamaatregelen. We hopen op veel zwemplezier!

Lets go swim...25-May-2020

Dear All,

It worked! We have permission and training can begin on May 26th.

There are many things to be aware of, but the most important are the following points:

  1. Read the Corona Protocol and attached documents carefully. Information can be found here.
  2. Sign up for a training is mandatory and can be done here.
    1. Registration closes 4 hours before training start time
    2. Registration is only final if confirmed by the trainers
    3. Registrations will be checked at reception in the pool, not registered: no training
    4. Be on time, but no earlier than 10 minutes in advance
    5. Make sure you already have your swimsuit on before going to the pool
    6. Listen carefully to the volunteer's instructions

For every training we need 2 trainers and a volunteer. Volunteer takes care of

  1. registration at the door of (pre-registered) swimmers,
  2. that swimmers disinfect hands before entering the pool further
  3. When all swimmers are changed and in the pool, the door handles and stair railing are disinfected
  4. Disinfection of the door handles at the end of the training

We expect an enthusiastic group of volunteers to make this possible. No volunteer means no training !. You can register via When registering a parent, there will always be room for the son / daughter during the training.

Corona Update22-May-2020

Update with regards to restart swimtraining

Dear all,

As the swimming pools have reopened, the management and the trainers are investigating how to restart training asap. Unfortunately this will not happen exactly the same as before and many adaptations will be required, both for organizing as for attending a training.

At this moment the management is working on a Corona protocol to comply to the rules and regulations set by de Lieberg (Optisport) and the Gemeente Hilversum Op dit moment is het bestuur bezig om te voldoen aan de eisen van de Gemeente Hilversum en van de Lieberg (Optisport) dmv een Corona protocol. This protocol is in final draft and is being reviewed by both Gemeente and Optisport. Our target date to restart training will be on tuesday 26th of May with a restricted group of swimmers

When we have more info, i will announce this on the website as well as on Facebook.

Namens het bestuur

Pascal Veltman

Secretaris (


Dear swimmers and parents,

Best wishes for 2020 with many enjoyable swimming competitions and PR’s.

Through this email we want to inform you about a number of important issues for the coming year. The most important message is that we urgently need help to move the club forward. This is necessary at all levels: trainers, time-keepers, competition secretariat, general competition support.


At the moment we have a hard time supplying enough time-keepers to competitions in which swimmers from Torpedo participate. When registering for club competitions, minors, juniors and youth competitions, Torpedo is required to supply a number of ctime-keepers. This rule will now be effectively applied in 2020: no time-keepers = no competitions. What is new in 2020 is that if insufficient time-keepers are supplied (or do not show up during the competition), 7 swimmers will not be allowed at the next competition.

As requested during the ALV, we have dedicated a webpage on this function with much more detailed information.


Torpedo is required to have a trainer at the side of the pool when there are swimmers in the water. The schedule for the trainers is currently quite full, and there is little room in this schedule. To compensate for the current shortage of trainers, we have already found the older swimmers willing to support some training sessions (for which we are very grateful). However, in the event of illness or impediment, training sessions are unfortunately canceled or less effective training sessions can be given. Ultimately, this is at the expense of the performance of our swimmers.

Competition Secretariat

Annie and Kimberley are currently the two people committed to this task. Here too we are looking for additional support.

Torpedo will have to organize two consecutive competitions in the coming period (22nd and 29th of March). For this, many volunteers are needed, not only at the edge of the pool (pool construction, walking cards, delivering drinks), but more important: especially in preparation (compiling competitions, printing tickets, cutting, placing in order, etc.). This is a big job where we have to prepare everything under time pressure.

Sign In!

Although we already have a fantastic group of volunteers who work for the swimmers on a weekly basis, this group is currently too small and we really need reinforcement! Older swimmers, parents, grandfathers and grandmothers, speak to a trainer, time-keeper or board member and sign up to make it possible for our swimmers to achieve great results!

On behalf of the trainers, competition secretariat, board and all swimmers,

Pascal Veltman

Wedstrijdzemmen? Meld je aan voor een proeftraining17-Apr-2019


Vind je zwemmen ook zo leuk en ben je op zoek naar een zwemverening?

Meld je snel aan voor 2 proeftrainingen! Tot snel in zwembad de Lieberg!

Trainers ZV Torpedo

Information for new meet swimmers03-Nov-2018

The information for new meet swimmers, as shown in the presentation this morning, is here

Swimming pool 'de Lieberg' smoke free!26-Sep-2018

Dear swimmers, trainers, parents and volunteers,

Optisport has requested us to share the following message with you. The message is in Dutch, but as summary: As of January 1st 2019, the swimming pool "de Lieberg" will be smoke free. This includes the entry and terrasses. In case you would like to smoke, please smoke outside the view of the children.

As club we do support this message. 

Full message below:


Hilversum, 12 september 2018
Geachte heer/mevrouw, 
Optisport richt zich steeds meer op gezondheid. We geven kinderen het goede voorbeeld als zij bij ons te gast zijn op de locatie. Dit betekent dat we ons terrein rookvrij maken. Op dinsdag 19 juni heeft Optisport een overeenkomst ondertekent met Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij en zijn we officieel partner van de Rookvrije Generatie.
Wat verandert er? Vanaf 1 januari 2019 is Optisport Hilversum net als alle andere Optisport accommodaties in Nederland en België rookvrij. Iedereen is en blijft welkom op onze locatie, ook rokers! We vragen rokers om buiten het zicht van kinderen en buiten het terrein te roken. De entree en plekken binnen ons terrein, zoals het terras zijn rookvrij.
Waarom op weg naar rookvrij? Zien roken, doet roken. Als kinderen anderen zien roken lijkt dat normaal en misschien zelfs aantrekkelijk. Zeker als zij mensen zien roken naar wie zij opkijken zoals andere sporters, zweminstructeurs en ouders. Daarnaast is meeroken zowel binnen als buiten schadelijk, met name voor kinderen. Ook in de buitenlucht kunnen kinderen in aanraking komen met tabaksrook. Door een rookvrij terrein voorkomen we dit. Kijk op voor meer informatie.
Rookvrije Generatie De beweging ‘op weg naar een Rookvrije Generatie’ werkt toe naar een samenleving waarin we opgroeiende kinderen beschermen tegen tabaksrook en de verleiding om te gaan roken. Iedere week raken honderden kinderen in ons land verslaafd aan roken. Ieder kind is er één teveel. We streven ernaar dat kinderen niet meer in de verleiding komen om te gaan roken. Daarvoor is het nodig dat we samen het goede voorbeeld geven en de omgeving waar kinderen veel komen rookvrij maken. Dagelijks bezoeken veel kinderen onze accommodaties tijdens zwemles, recreatief zwemmen, om te sporten bij de sportvereniging of om te spelen en bewegen bij Avontura of Krazy Kangaroo. Daarom draagt een rookvrij Optisport bij aan het realiseren van de Rookvrije Generatie.
Wij hopen op de medewerking van onze huurders, om zich samen met Optisport sterk te maken voor een gezonde omgeving voor kinderen!
Met vriendelijke groet,

Tobias Bergevoet 
Locatiemanager Optisport Hilversum