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What will I learn?

Swimming is a sport where the technique of various strokes is crucial, and this is initially our focus. In competitive swimming, we recognize four strokes: butterfly, backstroke (back crawl), breaststroke, and freestyle (front crawl). Children with at least a C swimming diploma or an equivalent level can participate in the swim training at ZV Torpedo. During training, there is a lot of attention given to developing the stamina needed to swim longer distances. Therefore, the training is a combination of working on technique and endurance.

When can you participate in competitions?

Once you have mastered the strokes, the coaching staff will decide if you qualify to participate in competitions. The trainer will discuss this with you, and if necessary, with a parent or guardian. Trainers are always available after training to answer any questions about this.

Competitions and events, how does it work?

ZV Torpedo participates in the KNZB swimming competition. This requires the effort of all swimmers to collect enough points to promote to a higher class and/or achieve the highest possible ranking within the class we swim in. Therefore, all swimmers receive a competition license at the start of their membership to participate in competitions.

Can I swim with a physical disability?

It is possible for athletes with disabilities to participate in KNZB swimming competitions. A physical disability does not have to be a barrier to participation. Swimming and competitions are accessible to everyone, and the involvement of you as a parent or guardian is essential. Each stroke requires specific techniques that might be challenging for people with physical disabilities. The jury can take this into account during competitions. For this, a so-called 'dispensation' must be requested from the KNZB. In some cases, a medical assessment is needed to help the KNZB understand how to categorize you as a swimmer. Your trainer can assist you with this. More information about swimmers with disabilities: KNZB | Para-swimming.


The competitions are organized by the competition secretariats of the participating clubs. For each competition we participate in, clubs must provide timekeepers. For a competition organized by ZV Torpedo, officials must also be provided. If there are not enough officials within the club, the clubs help each other as much as possible. ZV Torpedo also contributes, so it is important to have enough volunteers for the competitions. Officials, such as timekeepers and referees, are indispensable, and after training, you can contribute to the competitions.

How am I assigned?

Based on your age, you are assigned to different types of competitions. The KNZB determines the age categories and the distances to be swum in a competition.

Age Category Girls Boys
Minioren 7-11 years 7-12 years
Junioren 12-14 years 13-16 years
Youth 15-16 years 17-18 years
Seniors 17 years and older 19 years and older

For an exact age classification, you can consult the KNZB website, go to age categories.

Minioren/Junioren Competitions

For young swimmers, there are minioren competitions. There is a minioren club meet consisting of 4 preliminaries, followed by the creation of a regional ranking list and subsequent finals. These competitions are swum as a team for the club. Additionally, there is a minioren circuit, which is divided into two levels: the multi-event for advanced swimmers and the swimkick for beginners. These competitions also consist of four preliminaries with regional finals for the multi-event. Participation of ZV Torpedo swimmers in these competitions depends on the number of young swimmers and volunteers involved.

Junior-Youth Competitions (JJC)

These are about 4 competitions per season specifically for juniors and youth. If there is room, seniors can also participate in these competitions. The competitions are organized with other clubs. Last season, longer distances like the 800m were on the schedule. For the 2022-2023 season, the rules will still be determined. It is likely that shorter distances will be included again. These competitions are swum for your individual time.

At the end of the season, provincial championships are swum. Individual swimmers who have swum certain times according to the KNZB can be entered for this.

KNZB Swimming Competition (NZC)

These are 5 competitions per season organized for the age categories juniors, youth, and seniors. Depending on the number of participants, minioren can also participate. ZV Torpedo swims in the C-class together with other clubs from the region.

Brevet Swimming

Would you like to know what a real competition is like, or are you curious about how you have grown and how fast you can swim certain distances? ZV Torpedo regularly organizes a "brevet swimming" event for members of ZV Torpedo, with the help of many parents/volunteers.

This event takes place in our own swimming pool De Lieberg and parents, grandparents, friends, and family are warmly invited to come and watch. It replaces the Saturday morning training and usually starts a little earlier than the normal training.

(Certificate swimming)

Brevet Swimming

If you're curious about experiencing a real competition or interested in tracking your progress and speed over certain distances, ZV Torpedo regularly organizes a "certificate swimming" event for members, with the assistance of many parents/volunteers.

This event takes place at our own pool, De Lieberg, and parents, grandparents, friends, and girlfriends are warmly invited to come and watch. It replaces the Saturday morning training and usually starts a bit earlier than the regular session.

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