We can go again

From Wednesday May 19th 2021, training will resume for all swimmers!

Registration and health check takes place at the entrance of the swimming pool. A maximum of 30 swimmers may be admitted per bath. The youth up to the age of 17 can train together.

Adults from 18 years old can be classified a maximum of 2 swimmers per lane. They receive the training on paper and have to swim it independently.

So it can happen that you get to the pool and the training is full. On Wednesdays and Saturdays we have 2 baths and the maximum number of swimmers is 60.

The following rules apply to all members:

  1. Face mask mandatory from the age of 13 in the swimming pool (hall, dressing room and in the swimming pool, NOT during training)
  2. You already have the swimwear on under your regular clothes. The dressing room is open. All clothing must be put in a sports bag and taken upstairs.
  3. Everyone is 1.5 meters away!!
  4. Wash your hands at the entrance to the pool.
  5. Follow all instructions from the trainers, volunteers, pool staff.
  6. Arrive on time, up to 15 minutes before training.
  7. If the training has started, you will unfortunately no longer be allowed this because of overview.

The full protocol is posted on our website here.

We wish you a lot of swimming fun!