Membership registration - Update

Dear All,

First off all, I would like to wish you all a happy new year.
Let's hope we can make some more training hours and competitions in 2022 than we did in 2021. Unfortunately, we can't swim yet, but I'm hopeful that we can start again soon.

In the meantime, the board and competition secretariat are not sitting still and things are happening behind the scenes, including checking and cleaning up our member database. At the last training of 2021 we handed out forms to verify the data in sportlink. Especially for members who have been a member for some time, this information is incomplete or incorrect and we would like to rectify that.

On the accompanying links you will find a form (pdf version, of word version) to pass on this information to us again. Please fill it in and send it to me ( I will see to it that it is added to the membership administration.

Thank you in advance and hope to see you soon at the edge of the pool! 

Pascal Veltman
Secretaris ZV Torpedo