Lets go swim...

Dear All,

It worked! We have permission and training can begin on May 26th.

There are many things to be aware of, but the most important are the following points:

  1. Read the Corona Protocol and attached documents carefully. Information can be found here.
  2. Sign up for a training is mandatory and can be done here.
    1. Registration closes 4 hours before training start time
    2. Registration is only final if confirmed by the trainers
    3. Registrations will be checked at reception in the pool, not registered: no training
    4. Be on time, but no earlier than 10 minutes in advance
    5. Make sure you already have your swimsuit on before going to the pool
    6. Listen carefully to the volunteer's instructions

For every training we need 2 trainers and a volunteer. Volunteer takes care of

  1. registration at the door of (pre-registered) swimmers,
  2. that swimmers disinfect hands before entering the pool further
  3. When all swimmers are changed and in the pool, the door handles and stair railing are disinfected
  4. Disinfection of the door handles at the end of the training

We expect an enthusiastic group of volunteers to make this possible. No volunteer means no training !. You can register via secretaris@zvtorpedo.nl. When registering a parent, there will always be room for the son / daughter during the training.