Dear swimmers and parents,

Best wishes for 2020 with many enjoyable swimming competitions and PR’s.

Through this email we want to inform you about a number of important issues for the coming year. The most important message is that we urgently need help to move the club forward. This is necessary at all levels: trainers, time-keepers, competition secretariat, general competition support.


At the moment we have a hard time supplying enough time-keepers to competitions in which swimmers from Torpedo participate. When registering for club competitions, minors, juniors and youth competitions, Torpedo is required to supply a number of ctime-keepers. This rule will now be effectively applied in 2020: no time-keepers = no competitions. What is new in 2020 is that if insufficient time-keepers are supplied (or do not show up during the competition), 7 swimmers will not be allowed at the next competition.

As requested during the ALV, we have dedicated a webpage on this function with much more detailed information.


Torpedo is required to have a trainer at the side of the pool when there are swimmers in the water. The schedule for the trainers is currently quite full, and there is little room in this schedule. To compensate for the current shortage of trainers, we have already found the older swimmers willing to support some training sessions (for which we are very grateful). However, in the event of illness or impediment, training sessions are unfortunately canceled or less effective training sessions can be given. Ultimately, this is at the expense of the performance of our swimmers.

Competition Secretariat

Annie and Kimberley are currently the two people committed to this task. Here too we are looking for additional support.

Torpedo will have to organize two consecutive competitions in the coming period (22nd and 29th of March). For this, many volunteers are needed, not only at the edge of the pool (pool construction, walking cards, delivering drinks), but more important: especially in preparation (compiling competitions, printing tickets, cutting, placing in order, etc.). This is a big job where we have to prepare everything under time pressure.

Sign In!

Although we already have a fantastic group of volunteers who work for the swimmers on a weekly basis, this group is currently too small and we really need reinforcement! Older swimmers, parents, grandfathers and grandmothers, speak to a trainer, time-keeper or board member and sign up to make it possible for our swimmers to achieve great results!

On behalf of the trainers, competition secretariat, board and all swimmers,

Pascal Veltman