Your age/year of birth determines in which type of competition you are able to participate in. This is determined accordingly by the KNZB.

  Minioren Junior Youth Senior
Girls 7-11 years 12-14 years 15-16 years 17 years and older
Boys 7-12 years 13-16 years 17-18 years 19 years and older

Minioren-Junioren Competitions

This category has three competitions per season. The minioren swim up to 100 meters. Juniors swim up to 200 meters.

Minioren final

The 18 best swimmers participate in the minioren finals competition.

Participants can only reach the final by swimming the preliminaries. The competition secretary will register if you can compete in the finals. For the swimmers who reached this goal, it will be announced in May/June. Juniors do not participate in the final. The three best swimmers of each stroke and age category will receive a medal.

Junioren-Jeugd Competitions

This age category has four competitions per season. Juniors swim a maximum of 200 meters, while  Youth will swim maximum 400 meters.

KNZB Competitions

Five competitions per season are organised for the age cateory of juniors, youth and seniors.

For the 2017-2018 season, Torpedo is competing  in the district competition (3rd class) together with IJsselmeer of Huizen and HPC of Heemstede.

Every season you can find yourself competing with different clubs in the region. Based on region and level, clubs organise their competition accordingly. The different club’s  competition secretary arrange this together.

In this competition, you also swim for the total result of the club. The KNZB has ranking times, based on your swim time, where you are awarded a certain amount of points. It is obvious: the faster, the better. Disqualification or no show will result in a worse score. The point system is based on achieving the lowest score. Want to know more about the point system? You can always ask trainer Jack van Leeuwen.  

Zomer- and winterkring competitions

These are organised for juniors, youth, seniors who have achieved a limit. When you have swum a limit you will be notified by the competition secretary. At the start of a year limits are published by the KNZB, so you know what to strive for.

The winterkring competition will be held over a weekend, on Saturday and Sunday in January or February.

The summerkring competition is held over two weekends, on Saturday and Sunday in May/June.

Open water swimming

For all swimmers who enjoy swimming long distances and outdoors. A wetsuit is not necessary. We swim in the period of June-August.

Open water swimming is a competitive sport in open water. We swim in lakes and rivers. Open water swimming is really different to swimming in a pool. Swimming against the elements, wind, and rain. It makes you strong as a swimmer. The competitions are fun, and, yearly there are 25 competitions in the summer period. Interested, or if you want more information, please turn to Torpedo, Jack van Leeuwen ( More information about swimming in open water in the Netherlands and Belgium can be found on

Other competitions

Many clubs organise competitions for which other clubs are invited. Some organise a trophy competition, in which a medal or cup can be won. Some organise an underlimit competition to give a platform for swimmers who have not yet achieved a limit and be able to win a medal.

In a swimming tournament, competitions are held on consecutive days, e.g. a whole weekend, a long weekend such as the Pinkstertournament. Often there will be a party on one of the evenings. These competitions are mostly open to everyone. The hosting club determines the rules, regulations and program.

Brevet competition

Brevet competitions are organised by the club (3 times a year), and is only open to Torpedo swimmers. These competitions are a good introduction to swimming competitions.