Visit Sinterklaas

"Regel Piet" has informed us that Sinterklaas will visit our swimclub December 2nd during and after our morning training. Will you be there? There is no need to register.

We do have an assigment for you! Please think about a good question to ask Sinterklaas. What did you always wanted to know about Sinterklaas? What are his hobby's or what is his favorit dish?

The most interesting/funny/original question to Sinterklaas will be honored with a little present.

Also older swimmers, volunteers, parents, brothers and sisters are invited to think about a question!

See you at Saturday December 2nd. After the shower, Pieten will accompany you to the room where our Sinterklaas party will be be held. This will last until 11:00.

Greetings from the Activity Committee Sia, Inge, Milja, Mirjam