New Year High Tea17-Jan-2018

Last Saturday approximately 50 swimmers, parents and volunteers enjoyed the High Tea organized by the activity committee. Everyone was able to relax and talk about swimming or any other topic.

During our gathering, our chairman Martijn Broersma thanked our volunteers (including trainers, time keepers and the activity committee) for their support during our past year and presented them with a little gift.

The ZV Torpedo management wishes you a sporty and wonderful 2018!

Pascal Veltman
Secretaris ZV Torpedo

Newsletter Christmas 201731-Dec-2017

This news letter includes adjusted training times during the christmas holiday and the planning for 2018

Dear swimmers and parents,

Hopefully you've had a good start of the swimming season. Now there is a time to take it a bit easy and enjoy holidays. Halfway during this season we would like to bring you up to speed of the latest developments.

Training times during christmas holidays

During the christmas holidays the training times will be adjusted. Please read this carefully to prevent standing for a closed door.

Adjusted times
Friday December 22:              17:00 - 18:00

No training
Tuesday December 26:            18:00 - 19:00
Tuesday December 26:            20:00 - 21:00
Saturday December 30:              8:00 -  9:00
Tuesday January 2:                    18:00 - 19:00
Tuesday January 2:                    20:00 - 21:00
Saturday January 6:                    8:00 - 9:00

Volunteers needed - still!

The number of volunteers for our swimclub is still limited. Many tasks are performed by the same people and when they are not available activity will need to be cancelled (including for instance swim training). We are still urgently looking for volunteers who want to staff the competition secretariat!!!. This crucial activity is required to continue Torpedo's participation to competitions.


- Competition secretariat (urgent 4 people!)
- Time keepers (dutch language required)
- Activity committee


When you would like to get more information on these vacancy's please contact the Secretary:

Cancelled contests for juniors / youth

At the beginning of the season we tried to put together a competitive program for everyone. This depends on the cooperation with several swim clubs, in this case also outside our region. For example, this year we have tried to compile competitions with a number of clubs outside the region but unfortunately they have chosen to swim at the very last moment with / against clubs from their own region. This means that we unfortunately can not participate in these races. This is unfortunately beyond our control and we are doing everything we can to make it attractive and competitive for you all. If the club emphasizes commitment from its members, it is logical that the club also delivers. We have seen in recent months that there has been a change in how training is being done and how the new culture of Torpedo is developing and this is exactly what we have in mind. Therefore we will come back to you in the short term for a suitable replacement for these missed competitions.

Stand Competition

WIth only 1 competion completed (and still 4 to go) there is little to say about course of the competition. Currently we are on the only good place we should be and we would like to stay on that course!

Competition planning 2017 - 2018

For 2018 the following activities are planned. January 14th is an important date as we will have another competition. As mentioned above, junior/youth competitions will be cancelled for Torpedo(and a number of other clubs in our region) unfortunately.



25 Dec/5 Jan

Christmas holiday

13 Jan

New Year “high tea” (register!)

14 Jan

Competition #2

21 Jan

Junioren-Jeugd #3

4 Feb

Competition #3

11 Feb

Minioren-Junioren #3

18 Feb

Brevet #2 & ALV

26 Feb/2 Mar


18 Mar

Competition #4

25 Mar

Junioren-Jeugd #4

29 Mar/ 2 Apr

Easter holiday

22 Apr

Competition #5

23 Apr/ 4 May

May Holiday

19/20/21 May


26/27 May

Region Championships

2/3 Jun

Regio Championships

9/10 Jun

Minioren finale

15/17 Jun

Swim camp


Brevet #3 & BBQ

19 Jul

Begin summer holiday

And now to 2018

We would like to wish all swimmers, parents and volunteers a Merry Christmas ad Happy New Year!

Visit Sinterklaas02-Dec-2017

"Regel Piet" has informed us that Sinterklaas will visit our swimclub December 2nd during and after our morning training. Will you be there? There is no need to register.

We do have an assigment for you! Please think about a good question to ask Sinterklaas. What did you always wanted to know about Sinterklaas? What are his hobby's or what is his favorit dish?

The most interesting/funny/original question to Sinterklaas will be honored with a little present.

Also older swimmers, volunteers, parents, brothers and sisters are invited to think about a question!

See you at Saturday December 2nd. After the shower, Pieten will accompany you to the room where our Sinterklaas party will be be held. This will last until 11:00.

Greetings from the Activity Committee Sia, Inge, Milja, Mirjam

SInterklaas presents night24-Nov-2017

Beste zwemmers en zwemsters van Torpedo!

Deze brief is bestemd voor de zwemmers en zwemsters die geboren zijn in 2008 of eerder om met zijn allen een gezellige Sinterklaasavond te hebben.

Op vrijdag 24 november 2017 vanaf 20:00 uur willen we jullie uitnodigen voor een gezellige avond in het clubhuis van De Robben.
Dit jaar gaan we lootjes trekken en vragen we jullie om voor 10 november 2017 jezelf op te geven zodat wij de tijd hebben om de lootjes weer uit te delen.

Maandag 13 november 2017 kun je een e-mail verwachten met jouw lootje.

Bij je aanmelding laat je weten wat voor een cadeautje (geen surprise en circa € 7,50) je graag wil hebben en wat je hobby’s buiten het zwemmen zijn.
Het is wel de bedoeling dat er een gedicht bij je cadeautje zit. Tussendoor gaan we diverse leuke en gezellige spelletjes doen.

Dus: iedereen die geboren is in 2008 of eerder, is bij deze van harte uitgenodigd om samen met
Z.V. Torpedo Sinterklaas te komen vieren op:
Vrijdag 24 november 2017
van 20.00 tot 23:00 uur
in het clubhuis van de Robben boven in zwembad de Lieberg.

Voor deze gezellige avond vragen we een entreeprijs van €5,-, betalen bij Milja of Mirjam tijdens een training voor 17 november 2017.

Daarvan betalen we het clubhuis en zorgen we voor drankjes en wat lekkers tijdens de avond zelf.
Geef je zo snel mogelijk op per mail! E-mail adres is

Met vriendelijke groet,

De Activiteiten Commissie
Inge, Milja, Mirjam en Sia.