Code of Conduct ZV Torpedo


A swimmer of ZV Torpedo:

  • Shows team spirit, is sportsmanlike, helps and support other swimmers.
  • Is present at the scheduled time for training and competitions.
  • Accepts directions of trainers, leaders, officials and members of the board.
  • Does NOT behave aggressively.
  • Respects its opponent, coaches, trainers, team members, officials and the public.
  • Is careful with all equipment that is provided, including dressing rooms.
  • When requested, helps clearing dressing rooms, and clearing around the pool.
  • When requested, helps with clearing and gathering of materials after training.
  • Reports to the trainer or coach when something owned by the club is broken.
  • Does NOT offend, discriminate or intimidate any other person.

The person not following these rules will be addressed. To deal with someone breaking of one of these rules, you can:

  • approach the person concerned.
  • inform trainers or the board of the club.
  • file an official complaint with the board of the club.

Breaking the code of conduct can lead to sanctions, imposed by the board. Depending on the severity, appropriate actions will be taken. Sanctions are dependent on age and severity.

In and around the swimming pool

We are guests in the swimming pool, both home and away. Be careful and make sure that everything is neat and tidy. Please be aware of the following points:

  • When you have litter, please clean up yourself. When you notice litter left by someone else, please be considerate and clean it up.
  • Bicycles and mopeds should be parked in the appropriate racks. Do NOT place your bike in front of the doors!
  • Cars should be parked in the appropriate parking spaces. 

During training

Equipment needed for training:

  • Swimming goggles (Perry Sport sell them for ± € 8 to € 20)
  • Board (via Torpedo)
  • Flippers (via Torpedo):exchange for a bigger size is possible for a small fee.
  • Pull Buoy (via Torpedo)
  • Paddles (only groups 5 and 6, after consulting trainer)

You can order training material here.

Unusual sized flippers (width) can be ordered at sites such as or

Be on time: 10 minutes before training, so as to be able to start on time. This is also important for those swimmers, who are on time. When you cannot make it on time, because of school, for example, please inform the trainer, by sending an email to By being late you risk being excluded from the session.

Before starting training we start with:

  • Toilet (when necessary)
  • Shower
  • Warming up
  • Goggles and cap on

This way, everyone can start on time.

During training:

  • The fastest swimmer of the group swims ahead
  • Start at least 5 seconds after the previous swimmer
  • Toilet visit is permitted, but only after a set, and inform the trainer
  • When in pain, stop, get out of the pool, and inform your trainer